Wireless Global Tracking

Never lose track of your luggage again.

When you carry your world with you, you want to know your bag is safe. The Samsonite Track&Go™ tracking wireless device with mobile app takes the worry and hassle out of travel by letting you know where your bag is at all times—with great accuracy.

FAA and EASA Compliant

The Track&Go™ tracking device is safe to check in and carry on as it is FAA and EASA compliant and classified as a Portable Electronic Device (PED). If airport personnel have any questions, please present the back of the device, which has national certification and safety symbols displayed.

Change the way you travel.

Stay calm at baggage claim.

Stay calm at baggage claim.

Hang back away from the crowded carousels. Turn on Proximity mode, and the Track&Go™ tracking device alerts you when your bag is nearby, so you can grab it and go.

Enjoy the day, away from your bag.

Enjoy the day, away from your bag.

When you leave your bag in your hotel room or at bell services, turn on Hotel mode. The Track&Go™ tracking device lets you know if your bag moves, even if it’s just been bumped.

Don’t let distractions divide you.

Don’t let distractions divide you.

Turn on Proximity mode on a commuter train, in a crowded restaurant, or in a busy terminal. The Track&Go™ tracking device alerts you if you leave your bag behind, or if someone walks off with it.

Fly easy, knowing your checked bag is onboard.

Fly easy, knowing your checked bag is onboard.

Turn on Travel mode at check-in. As you take your seat, check your bag’s location history to see if your bag made it onto your flight.

Track lost luggage, so it’s not lost.

Track lost luggage, so it’s not lost.

If you become separated from your bag, use Locate mode to find its location, so you can arrange for its safe return. Then track its location history in Travel mode as it makes its way back to you.

4 modes, 1 purpose: peace of mind.

Pack the Track&Go ™ tracking device in your bag, and the linked mobile app sends texts, emails, or push notifications as it tracks your bag.


Is my bag near me?

Alerts you when your bag is no longer near you, or when you’re close to it again.


Has it moved at all?

Sends a notification if your bag leaves a specified location, or even moves slightly.


Is my bag en route?

Regularly records your bag’s location, so you can see if your bag is going where it needs to.


Where is it right now?

Finds the current location of your bag, virtually anywhere across the globe.

Unparalleled tracking technology.

4 Location Technologies

Most trackers use one, but the Track&Go™ wireless device uses four tracking signals, providing you with the most accurate locational data available.

  • GPS
  • 2G/3G
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth

Coverage by AT&T’s Global Network

The Track&Go device is certified for use on the AT&T network. This ensures the Track&Go™ device meets the highest standards for network performance and operation.

Backed by Industry Certifications

Working with globally recognized test laboratories and regulatory agencies, the Track&Go™ tracking device comes with an extensive list of certifications for performance, safety, and compliance.

Ready to go?

The Device

1. Purchase Samsonite Track&Go™ tracking device

• The Track&Go™ tracking device
• Micro-USB charging cord

The App

2. Download the free mobile iPhone® or Android™ app

Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to learn more and download

The data plan

3. Create an account, choose your data plan, and track your device worldwide

Data plan sold separately and required to use your Samsonite Track&Go™ tracking device. Activate global connectivity* and renew your service plan at your convenience, right through your Samsonite Track&Go app.

Two flexible service plans:
• Annual: €50.00/year**
• Monthly: €5.99/month**

* Coverage and service not available everywhere.
** Data purchases non-refundable.