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About to start packing for your long-awaited holiday? These tips from other Samsonite travellers give their ideas on how to choose the right suitcase, pack your things and travel in style. This is how you make your journey even more pleasant!

Choosing a suitcase

4 wheels for easy manoeuvrability
He’s European, she is Philippino and share their time between Europe and the Philippines. They travel a lot and always with their Samsonite shoulder bag and Samsonite hard top S’CURE Spinner 55cm and S’CURE Spinner 75 cm. Why did they choose Samsonite: “Because the suitcases are excellent quality, solid and big. One of our suitcases got a dent but it went back to its original condition immediately.”

Michel Dendeux

“We highly recommend 4 wheel suitcases! You don’t have to carry the weight of the suitcase around, just roll it on its 4 wheels.” Michel Dendeux

The advantage of a suitcase without zipper
Dirk and his wife like the separate clothing compartment and the elastic cross ribbons to secure packed items and reduce wrinkling. For this trip to Iceland, his photo equipment is travelling in the cabin suitcase, a silver Samsonite Chronolite Spinner, where it is well protected.

Dirk Dierickx

“My wife has a shoulder problem which makes it hard for her to put pressure on a suitcase zipper. That’s why we choose the Samsonite Lite-Locked 75 cm suitcases with their three-point locking system.” Dirk Dierickx

How to pack?

Luggage straps or stickers for easy recognition of your suitcase
Dirk: “Our travel organisers asked us to put their sticker on the outside of our suitcases for easy recognition. What a great idea! This will also help us recover our suitcases from the baggage belt.”
Optional: go for a Samsonite luggage tag or even better, a Samsonite Keith Haring Luggage Strap!

Shoes in a separate bag for clean clothes and suitcase
Elena Van den Broeck: “When I travel, I put my shoes in a bag in my suitcase. This way I keep my clothes and my suitcase nice and clean. And I don’t take cabin luggage apart from my hand bag on long distance flights.”

Compression bags for saving space
Jake Nathaniel: “Use compression sacs. They are great for compressing bulky gear and to use as laundry bags.”

Kevin Verbelen

“I always put my pants and shirts together at the bottom of the suitcase, than I add my t-shirts and finish with underwear and socks to fill up the empty spaces. This time, I even added a tennis racket to my suitcase.” Kevin Verbelen

How to travel?

Hand luggage for everything you need upon arrival

Annie Lernout

“My hand luggage, a Samsonite Graviton 55 cm, contains everything we need during the first hours after landing. We plan on going straight to a lagoon for swimming. So inside the trolley you will find our bathing suits, towels and slippers. I can’t wait to change outfits!” Annie Lernout

Be Classy
Joseph bought his brand new Samsonite B-Lite at the airport! He is a real Samsonite fan, owning 4 large Samsonite suitcases and 3 Samsonite trolleys. Michel is on his way to visit friends in Geneva for a month. After that he will return home to Kinshasa, along with 3 of his 7 Samsonite suitcases.

Joseph Lukulu

“I like Samsonite suitcases because they are classy, presentable, elegant, comfortable and strong. Great features of the Samsonite B-Lite are the exterior pocket for storing documents and the smart fix buckle system that keeps the packing straps in place at the side while I am (un)packing.” Joseph Lukulu

Stay strong
Meet 16-year-old Elena! She is on her way to support her boyfriend at the European Games in Baku. He is a swimmer. She is travelling with her friendly mother in law and her loyal Samsonite Firelite.

Elena Van den Broeck

“Five years ago I asked my dad to buy me a good suitcase that wouldn’t break. He came home with this Samsonite suitcase and I love it! It is spacious, strong and has 4 wheels. We have 2 more sizes of the Samsonite Firelite model at home. I never want another brand of luggage!” Elena Van den Broeck

Trust your friends and go bigger
These eight friends are on their way home to Malta after attending a festival. The friend-organizer of the 5-day trip is travelling with his 1-year old grey Samsonite Firelite Spinner 75cm.

Jake Nathaniel

“Our friend who organized this trip says that Samsonite is the best brand for travel gear. So when I ran out of space in my suitcase during the trip, I promptly bought the same suitcase as him… but bigger, the Spinner 81 cm.”

Automatic rolling luggage?
One never knows what the future might hold...

E.J. van Vugt

“The only thing I would want to add to our Samsonite Lite-Cube suitcases is the ability to roll on their own.” E.J. van Vugt

Samsonite for a successful trip

Travellers choose Samsonite luggage for its quality, durability, comfort, large content but compact size as well as its strength and light weight. How about you?